BEST NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES – Who makes the best and where can I find them?

Sennheiser PXC 450

Noise Cancelling Headphones

What you need to know!

The primary reason for choosing the best noise canceling headphones is,  when you are listening to music or other media, quality of sound should not be compromised and disrupted with outside environmental noise. Noise canceling headphones don’t get rid of all noise, but the superior models inevitably reduce the external noise like planes or even AC’s. There are an array of different models to choose from in a variety shapes, sizes, and price range.

What are good brands of Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Sennheiser is one of the brands that manufacture noise canceling headphones. The Sennheiser PXC 450 is the best they have to offer in a small, portable design. Its foldable design makes it comfortable to carry it off in a travel bag or purse. The sound quality is so high that you will not feel like taking them off. With the incorporated talk through button, you can easily tell without even removing your headset

Another great brand of noise canceling headphones is the Beats Studio by Dr. Dre. Beats headphones include extra-large speaker drivers and a high-power digital amplifier. It meant that the digital amplifiers were not necessary for these headphones. They independently were instrumental in reproducing good quality sound and eliminating the outside noises. Their design is so comfortable to wear for the user that he can even wear it for the longer period. Strong bass and unique treble enhance the output of this noise canceling headphones.

Bose Quiet Comfort 15 also comes in the list of best Noise Cancelling Headphones. This company is the innovator of the noise reduction technology. The sound from the outside background disappears because of the technology, and you get only unmixed audio output which you desire. The users once use this headphone will swear by the amazing quality of sound reproduced and rate it as one of the best in this category of noise canceling headphones. It belongs to a premium price range, but after using the headphones once, the user will not regret paying that amount.

noise cancelling bluetooth headphones

Why should I buy noise canceling headphones?

People opt for best noise canceling headphones to avoid the damage to their eardrums caused by exposure to loud sounds. When you make use of headphones with noise reduction technology, the disturbance from the outside world automatically reduces, and so you need not increase the volume of your track. Thus you can experience improved sound quality with moderate quantities. However, there is only 90% noise cancellation available in the best of the headphones. Many looks like chatting with the people or crying kids might still make way through the headphones but in lower decibels. By just reducing the distraction of chaotic noise from surroundings, you can experience a peaceful time with only desired audio output.

Sennheiser PXC 450

Where can I get the best deal on noise canceling headphones?

Generally speaking, if you are looking for the best noise canceling headphones, most people search the internet for a great bargain.  We have taken a lot of leg work out for most people searching for good deals on the best noise canceling headphones if you are looking for great prices, excellent service, and shopping convenience, the best place for noise canceling headphones is

What to Look for in the Best Headphones

Beats Studio Wireless

What to Look for in the Best Headphones

Are you looking for the best headphones money can buy? This choice could be as hard as looking for a needle in a haystack since there are a lot of headphones in the market that claim the title “best headphone ever.” The trick to finding the best one is looking for the ideal headphone that can work for you. Each person has his listening preferences; some would like a device to cover the entire ear securely while other people may just prefer a lightweight headphone type to carry anywhere they go.

So what are your listening preferences? If you are a music lover, then chances are you have a particular genre in mind. Music from this genre or era perhaps is the type of music you want to listen to over and over again. You may even have a track list on your music player that plays your favorite songs according to a genre. If you are this type then most likely you like to take your music along with you, then you would go for a lightweight headphone to listen to.

Beats Studio Wireless

A lightweight, airy design would be the best headphone for you. Most brands have large diameter 30mm foam-cushioned earpieces, with particular ports for fantastic bass sound, a long cable or cord for flexibility anywhere you go and unique adjustable padded headbands to fit most head sizes.

On the other hand, if you are a hardcore music lover and most of your music types or genres are rock and punk metal most likely you want the full sound to resonate into your ears. It is very likely too that people around you are complaining about the noise you make, and thus you resort to wearing headphones to listen to your music.

The best headphone for you is the snug type headphones which has extra full, bowl-shaped ear pieces that fit securely to your ears. Most brands have this kind of headphones, and they come in all sorts of designs, shapes, and sizes. They have a powerful bass sound effect, crystal clear stereo sound, with adjustable and padded headbands for extra head support plus headphone cords with volume control.


Best headphones can be further classified according to their reliability and dependability. Thus some people would want to shop around first for the ideal headphone for their listening pleasure. There are review sites that compare electronic products head to head; you can start your hunt here for the best headphone that your budget can buy. You may also find review sites useful in making your choice; online shops have review links and consumer reports for the products that they sell. This can help you figure out the best headphones for you.

Finally, if you have found the ideal headphone, find time to rest your ears now and then. You can severely damage your hearing if you listen to loud music continuously using an ear bud or a headphone. Using the best headphone, your money can buy can also help you protect your ears and your hearing as well.

Beyerdynamic DT880 Best No Ear Fatigue Headphones

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Beyerdynamic DT 880

Beyerdynamic DT 880 headphones are your ear’s new best friend. These headphones were designed explicitly for any hardcore audio enthusiastYes, I’m talking about all you music producers, ..singers and gamers out the. If you need a clear sound and a pair of headphones you can wear for hours without ear fatigue, then these are the best way to go. The DT 880s have a semi-open over ear sort of design for sound isolation as well as to reduce the amount of sound that leaks out. There is the adjustable band, so that way you can fit the headphones perfectly on your head and over your ears thus giving you maximum comfort. There is nothing worse than nice sounding cans that don’t fit on your head correct. Lastly, every piece of the Beyerdynamic DT 880′s has been made in house by hand from the diaphragm down to the wiring.

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Beyer Dynamic Features

  • 5Hz- 35,000Hz Frequency Response
  • Circumaural (over ear)Construction
  • Sound Pressure Level 96 dB
  • Wired Transmission
  • Impedance: 250 ohms
  • 1/4cable connection with Mini Jack conversion
  • Weight 290 g

Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium

Beyerdynamic DT 880s Headphone Reviews

During my research, I was able to find over 500 reviews on this product. Most of these reviews I found on both video gaming and music production forums. Of all the reviews I’ve read, I was amazed to find out that everyone loved the quality and built of the headphones. A lot of engineers were pleased with these headphones because they were able to track their mixing sessions without their ears getting fatigued. That’s a huge plus for someone like. I ‘be run into lots of good headphones but non-allowed me to work more than 2 hours without my ears killing me. Producers voice that the headphones helped them with adding detail to their compositions because the 880′s clarity as well as it’s precision.

A few other users said the headphones were so comfortable that they forgot they were even wearing them.  I tried extremely hard to find a few negative reviews what I found was moot. One buyer gave a 2-star review because he purchased the headphones broke them and the guitar center salesman wouldn’t give him a refund or exchange them for a new pair. The other bad review was a 3 star because the buyer’s headphones didn’t come with a 1/4 connector so he had to return them and get another pair but no one complained about the quality or comfort.

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I went ahead and purchased these headphones for my home studio, and I will be honest… they are excellent. I do wish I would have bought them before getting my Beats byDre monitoring headsets but what’s done is done. I find these headphones ideal for mixing, gaming as well as sound design. I do suggest getting an extended warranty on them especially if you have children or if you do a lot of live gigs.

Beyerdynamic 880s (my personal opinion)

If you have the money for them get them! They are a worth ever penny and allow you to do much more than your run of the mill $100-200 headphones. I see Beyerdynamic headphones going for $200-$230 here at Amazon (free shipping)