What are the Best Motorcycle Earbuds for the Riders?

Bluetooth has dramatically improved the way people communicate and even listen to music whether it is inside homes or when strolling outside. What was once only possible when using it with wires can now be done wirelessly? You can finally communicate with others completely hands-free, especially when you listen to music. For riders, this is the best thing that has ever happened to them because they can finally listen to music while riding on the road. Listening to your favorite tunes while riding your bike is one of the greatest feelings that the biker will ever feel. This is a game changer for most people. Just imagine you riding your bike and start listening to your favorite music? You just want to drive without end.

Manufacturers of headphones were very quick to take notice of this addictive pleasure that the Bluetooth devices have provided for the people, especially among the motorcyclists. It did not even take that long to see the demand for these wireless headphones.

If you are a motorcyclist and love to listen to music, there are a few considerations to take note of if you wish to buy a pair for your biking needs.


SenaIf you have been monitoring the market for the best motorcycle bluetooth headset, you’ll find the Seno brand name a lot. They are considered one of the best motorcycle earbuds manufacturers in the industry. It is obvious, seeing that they are a company operated by bikers and offering products for bikers. Because of their experience with biking, they know exactly what makes the headphones for bikers good. The best product that they’ve ever rolled out in the market is the 20S-01 model because it has all the features and functions that you would expect from a premium brand of headphones. Most motorcycle headphones these days are equipped with the Bluetooth® technology, but this feature is often seen as a weak link when it comes to audio fidelity. Their compression algorithm where it enables the instant playback reduces the quality of the music system. You will notice this in some Bluetooth powered devices, and you’d start wondering whether it has something to do with the software itself.

But most people are not aware of the difference between different Bluetooth versions. They think that everything is the same. The recent versions offer better range, quality, and reliability, unlike the previous ones. The best motorcycle earbuds of Sena, 20S-01 is equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, which is the version 4.1 wherein it provides high definition quality while on the go. You cannot deny the quality of the audio these little earbuds are able to produce. You’d be surprised of the full bass tones it has, too. This particular model comes with a noise cancellation feature, which is present in almost every motorcycle headphones today. You don’t need to worry about the noise produced by the wind that runs past your face, and the road of the engine of your bike won’t even reach your ear as you listen to your favorite music.

Noise cancellation feature

Here is one thing that you have to think about, as well. The noise cancellation feature differs from one earbud to another. You’ll be surprised that some headphones can’t cancel out the noise and you’d still hear it in the background. This means that there is variations in every “noise cancellation” feature that you’ll meet with earbuds. To avoid all the boring details in regards to what you need to find out about the best noise cancellation feature, use the 20S-01 model as your basis for the perfect earbuds with noise cancellation. It is undeniable that the 20S-01 has a lot of great features. As a teaser of what you’ll find out more about this particular product: you get to communicate with the other bikers that are in your group up to 2km away. Its built-in microphone is made of high-quality feature that is capable of making you and your buddies in contact with crystal clear audio results.

Main issues with Bluetooth® technology

Noise cancellation featureOne of the most common complaints users of Bluetooth have its random sporadic dropouts in the connection. In the earlier days of when the technology was first introduced in the market, it was much more problematic compared with today. And this is because technology has improved well in the recent years. But it cannot be denied that random disconnections still happen from different devices.

When a disconnection happens while you are riding your bike that is one great annoyance you have to deal with. You will need to reconnect so that you can listen to music again. Some Bluetooth devices reconnect on their own even if it loses connection for a while. But for riding a bike, this means that you need to stop the bike, reconnect the device and ride again. Reconnecting it this way is less than ideal.

With Sena, they now how annoying this kind of situation can be. This is why they have developed a feature referred to as “shake to connect,” which all you need to do is shake the device and it will connect again. This is a very valuable capability to have when you own a Bluetooth device and while you are on the go. It is because of this reason that majority of the bikers have picked Sena 20S-01 model as one of the best motorcycle earbuds in the market.


As you have already witnessed with the way that Sena has been praised for being one of the best manufacturers of the best motorcycle earbuds. Their second pick after 20S-01 model is the SMH10D-10, which is suitable to be used as the intercom system. While there is an audio playback feature included, the former is much more conducive for those that prioritize the intercom feature.