Beyerdynamic DT880 Best No Ear Fatigue Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 880

Beyerdynamic DT 880 headphones are your ear’s new best friend. These headphones were designed explicitly for any hardcore audio enthusiastYes, I’m talking about all you music producers, ..singers and gamers out the. If you need a clear sound and a pair of headphones you can wear for hours without ear fatigue, then these are the best way to go. The DT 880s have a semi-open over ear sort of design for sound isolation as well as to reduce the amount of sound that leaks out. There is the adjustable band, so that way you can fit the headphones perfectly on your head and over your ears thus giving you maximum comfort. There is nothing worse than nice sounding cans that don’t fit on your head correct. Lastly, every piece of the Beyerdynamic DT 880′s has been made in house by hand from the diaphragm down to the wiring.

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Beyer Dynamic Features

  • 5Hz- 35,000Hz Frequency Response
  • Circumaural (over ear)Construction
  • Sound Pressure Level 96 dB
  • Wired Transmission
  • Impedance: 250 ohms
  • 1/4cable connection with Mini Jack conversion
  • Weight 290 g

Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium

Beyerdynamic DT 880s Headphone Reviews

During my research, I was able to find over 500 reviews on this product. Most of these reviews I found on both video gaming and music production forums. Of all the reviews I’ve read, I was amazed to find out that everyone loved the quality and built of the headphones. A lot of engineers were pleased with these headphones because they were able to track their mixing sessions without their ears getting fatigued. That’s a huge plus for someone like. I ‘be run into lots of good headphones but non-allowed me to work more than 2 hours without my ears killing me. Producers voice that the headphones helped them with adding detail to their compositions because the 880′s clarity as well as it’s precision.

A few other users said the headphones were so comfortable that they forgot they were even wearing them.  I tried extremely hard to find a few negative reviews what I found was moot. One buyer gave a 2-star review because he purchased the headphones broke them and the guitar center salesman wouldn’t give him a refund or exchange them for a new pair. The other bad review was a 3 star because the buyer’s headphones didn’t come with a 1/4 connector so he had to return them and get another pair but no one complained about the quality or comfort.

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I went ahead and purchased these headphones for my home studio, and I will be honest… they are excellent. I do wish I would have bought them before getting my Beats byDre monitoring headsets but what’s done is done. I find these headphones ideal for mixing, gaming as well as sound design. I do suggest getting an extended warranty on them especially if you have children or if you do a lot of live gigs.

Beyerdynamic 880s (my personal opinion)

If you have the money for them get them! They are a worth ever penny and allow you to do much more than your run of the mill $100-200 headphones. I see Beyerdynamic headphones going for $200-$230 here at Amazon (free shipping)