Things App Review

iPhone Settings Menu

The Good

Straightforward and easy to use allowing you to get stuff done
Quick to enter new todos
Friendly user interface
Desktop version also available

The Bad

No landscape mode
No ‘Cloud’ syncing

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Things are just one of a multitude of to-do apps available for the iPhone. Its ease of use along with a simple but nice looking user interface makes it an excellent choice.

Starting Out

Things is a simple todo app that doesn’t require you to be a rocket scientist to figure out how it works, and it’s unlikely that you’ll need a manual or instructions of any kind. One of the first screens you’ll come across (see image on the right) is pretty self-explanatory.

The ‘Inbox’ is a great place to store a to do if you’re not quite sure where you should initially put it or doesn’t have a schedule date. The ‘Inbox’ is useful while you’re on the move and think of something that needs to be done, you can quickly type your to do, pop it in your ‘Inbox’ and come back to it later to give it scheduled the date when you have the time.

The ‘Today’ tab is is straight forward enough, it’s all your todos that are due for today! The 2 numbers you see to the right are a quick visual to let you know how many to-dos you have on your list. The number 3 highlighted in red is showing you that 3 out of your 5 todos are overdue.

There’s also a ‘Someday’ list which is great when you suddenly think of some vague idea that you intend to do or get started on but you have no idea when you are likely to get around to it.

Todo List View

iPhone Site Todo List View

Tapping on any one of the categorized lists will bring up all of your todos (see image) for that category. Each todo has a ‘Tick box’ next to it allowing you to tap the box once you have completed your task quickly. Rather than instantly disappearing, the completed work will go gray and a tick shown in the table. This is a good idea as it allows you to see what you have achieved for the day. At 12 am all your completed to-dos will move to the ‘Logbook’ which again is useful if you need to see your historical achievements!

Main Todo View

Tapping on any one of your todo items will bring up the main todo view. The primary to do allows you to see any notes that you may have added, the date the todo is due (if you chose to add a schedule time), where the todo is created (Today, Scheduled, Projects, etc.) and a tag to show whether it’s a home, personal, work to do etc. Tags can be changed and added to suit your needs. All the information on this screen can be edited as required.

Settings Menu

The settings menu in Things is primarily because most of the settings or changes are done within the application itself. There are 4 items available, Badge Count, Log Items, Show Message and About Things.

iPhone Settings Menu

Desktop Application

There is also a desktop version of Things which allows you to sync both your Mac and iPhone over wifi. We really like the desktop version, and we feel it works much better than having a web based application where you need to log in and manage your todo lists which tend to be a bit slow and clunky. The desktop application compliments the iPhone version very well, and we have never had a problem syncing. As long as Things is running on your Mac just open your iPhone version and they’ll sync automatically and quickly without issues. Admittedly it would be more convenient to have ‘Cloud’ based syncing, that way you could ensure that your to-do list is always up-to-date without having to sync manually.


So does Things help you to get stuff done? Absolutely. We’ve used some different todo apps, and as much as they might look cute and have lots and lots of functions, mostly they just end up hindering what you intend to do. We’ve been using Things over the last few months and believe it is a perfect choice if you want a task manager to help you get stuff done. The developers haven’t overcomplicated it and have designed a great desktop app as well.

It could be improved, and that’s the reason for the 4-star rating. It would be nice to offer landscape mode for faster inputting of notes, syncing via a ‘Cloud’ based system would be ideal, and the price is a bit steep for a todo app, the desktop version is priced unusually high. Having said that, Things definitely does the job, you could search and buy cheaper to do apps, but from experience, we can tell you that a lot of them are below par. If you are looking for a clean, simple, stable task manager for work or your private life, then we highly recommend this app.