Sony DRBT50

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Sony DRBT50

There are some complaints that Bluetooth headphones are more expensive than their feature set deserves. But prices continue to drop as quality continues to improve. One company that is known for the quality of its products is Sony, and the Sony DRBT50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset is an excellent example

This Bluetooth wireless headphone is the circumaural closed type.  This just means that the headphones’ earcups go over your ears and enclose them as earmuffs do. Despite this, you will find them quite comfortable due to the well-designed and durable cushioning on the earcups and the headband as well. This design also prevents outside noise from interfering with your listening pleasure. The headband keeps the headphones secure on your ears.

The Sony DRBT50 has accessible and easy to use touch-sense function buttons on the headset. Depending on the Bluetooth device that you are pairing them with, you can control your music player or cell phone with these buttons. With a music player, the buttons will enable you to control Play, Stop, Skip to next/previous track, Fast Forward/Fast Rewind and jump to another selection. When connected to a cell phone with Hands-Free Profile capability, you can Start voice dial, Last number redial, End a call, Answer a call, Reject a call and switch to another caller.

The Sony DRBT50 produces crisp and clear sound with deep bass. It includes top-quality neodymium magnets in the earcups, and the built-in microphone provides good sound quality for making voice calls. The superior sound of these headphones makes them ideal for listening to music or TV sound, and the included microphone enables you to use them with your cell phone too, all without the hassle of wires.

See what a current owner has to say about the Sony DRBT50 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones:

I’m converting from high-end earbuds to the Sony DRBT50

high-end earbuds

I recently purchased a blue-tooth compatible PDA phone. I know I had to immerse myself in the unit to fully use it. I ordered two headsets to use with my new phone, a Jawbone, and the Sony DRBT50′s.

While the jawbone is probably one of the best of noise canceling headphones out there, there’s still occasional static and dropouts. I didn’t believe that A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) could pass two channels of music to a pair of headsets without dropout and static.

I charged the units till the lights indicated full charge (about 2 hours) just like you have to do with any electronic before you play with it. The pairing was easy, exactly like every other blue-tooth pairing you’ve ever done. Next, I put the headphones on my head.

Let me tell you that while these units are comparatively large, they fold nicely and yet have some of the nicest and softest feeling paddings around the cans I’ve ever felt. More like high-end audiophile headphones then the usual blue tooth level consumer stuff. Adjust the fit, (stiff sliding shafts just like traditional headphones), and they felt comfortable enough to wear for hours.

I like the travel-ability of my Shure and Etymotic earbuds, they also sound great. I was often intrigued by the Bose (active) noise canceling headphones but put off by the price and the flat reviews from serious music folks.

Next, I opened media player and hit play on one of my favorite songs. The sound was beautiful. Crisp highs, deep lows, and crystal-clear. I ran through about 2 hours of music and couldn’t find a song that wasn’t genuinely impressive on these cans. I forgot about static and dropout, I never heard it once…