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Toast Leather iPhone 5S Cases

Leather iPhone Cases and Pouches

So you’ve decided to have a look at good Leather iPhone cases. But before getting into different versions of leather cases, I’d recommend you to consider several tips for shopping leather cases as it is a good investment of your time and money. Also if you will eventually buy one, it will serve a lifetime for you.

The first thing to know is that there are different kinds of leather that can be used in the fabrication of leather cases. And they are not created equally. Leather is product of tanning of animal hides. Different animal – different leather, different leather – different quality, toughness, flexibility and durability.

The most popular is the cow hide. This is simply because it is better than most other animal hides. Sheep and goat hides are also used to produce quality leather, but not as good as cow leather.

Another factor that affects leather quality is the usage of different chemicals in the production process of leather. As you might know that suede is a type of leather made under different fabrication conditions.

Distinguishing good quality leather from the low quality ones is one no easy job. Both types look and feel almost exactly the same. The only difference is their internal strength. If I really want good quality leather I usually save money for designer brands, as they have a great experience in dealing with leather.

Now you know the basics of shopping not only leather iPhone cases but leather in general. So you are ready to choose your own.

A decent leather case for iPhone shouldn’t add noticeable weight and volume, but also must be tough. With a leather iPhone case you don’t have to stand out from the crowd. You want the case to serve you long time with style and quality.

iPhone 5s Leather Pouch Case

iPhone 5 Leather Wallet Case Snap by Spigen

Spigen provides both a removable hard case and a leather wallet. The wallet part is made of premium genuine leather, the polycarbonate hard case can be quickly removed or attached. You can use the case both outdoor, having your payment card and some cash with you, and indoor, when you don’t have to pay for anything.

Here’s a video by Spigen for demonstration:

Toast Leather iPhone 5/5S Cases

Toast Leather iPhone 5S Cases


Maison Takuya Leather iPhone Cases With A Stripe

If you have your cash and cards under control and you want your iPhone to be wrapped minimally, I’d suggest you this Maison Takuya leather-covered iPhone 5 case.

With the smooth leather and a unique design, the case will serve you best iPhone Era years both protecting your iPhone and impressing your surrounding. The case is also a pretty good Designer iPhone Case.

Yliana Yepez iPhone 5/5S Card Case

As you might have read, I am here to show you reasonably priced iPhone cases. This Yliana Yepez leather card case costs way more than the average tech case, but it is truly reasonably priced for the final high leather quality and thoughtful design it provides.