How To Choose The Best Headphones For Your Situation

How To Choose The Best Headphones For Your Situation

The headphones that come with most personal electronic devices (such as MP3 players) are often cheap and made poorly. This can affect the sound quality of your music, and cause you to experience a good deal of frustration. How many of us have found ourselves shaking one side of our headphones or wiggling the cord because the sound is cutting in and out? Because of this, many people opt to purchase a better set of headphones, but with so many types available on the market today, how do you choose the best headphones for your situation?

Let’s start off by looking into earbuds, one of the most popular types of headphones in use today. Earbuds provide a wide variety of benefits. They are ideal for people who are on the go because they fit tightly into the ear and stay put while walking, jogging, or commuting. They take up very little space and can be easily stored in a pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase.

They are also ideal for people who have a limited budget to spend on headphones. There are more choices of earbuds than any other type of headphone, and typically they are much less expensive. That being said, people who purchase earbuds on the cheaper end of the price scale often experience sore ears, or buds that continually fall out. The higher end of the price range, twenty-five to fifty dollars, offers more comfort and fewer issues. If you are a sound aficionado and want the absolute best quality and comfort, you may choose to go even higher on the price scale, over one hundred dollars, and purchase top of the line earbuds.

If you live in a noisy house, often travel, or find yourself commuting in powerful cars, planes, public buses, etc. you may want to opt for noise canceling headphones. Noise canceling headphones do just what the name suggests, and reduce or eliminate external noise, so all you hear is your music. These headphones can be quite expensive (usually two hundred dollars and up) and they can be a bit bulky if you go with a traditional headphone style.

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Because more and more people do not want to be interrupted when listening to their music, many companies have now come out with noise canceling earbuds that cancel out a good deal of external sound. These earbuds are ideal for travel, fit tightly into the ear canal and form a seal that helps ambient noise from penetrating. Best of all, noise canceling earbuds usually cost about fifty dollars.


Finally, if you want headphones to use at home, such as for playing video games, watching television or movies, or even listening to music, wireless headphones are a great option. These headphones allow you to move freely around your home enjoying your sounds, without the worry of cord length or tangles. Wireless headphones range a bit in price and are usually on the higher end of the price scale. However, they are quite convenient and offer an excellent sound experience