Acer Aspire VX 15 : A quick look into the product

As a hardcore gamer, it may concern most of you, to get that one overall performing product that would meet most of your gaming requirements. And why not? After all for a fun-filled and immersive gaming experience, you do need those basic performing gadgets.


Although you may find that the market is loaded with products to meet these different dynamics of the needs of a gamer, fewer products come to deliver a total gaming solution package however at high prices. However, now you do not need to worry about your pocket.


The all-new Acer Aspire VX 15 is among the 10 of the Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 – A Buyer’s Guide and Facts by Topprobe and this brings to you a budget-friendly gaming laptop supporting most of your gaming requirements and aspirations. With justified specs at an unbeatable price rate, this model will surely stand on your expectations. It’s the best budget gaming laptop you can find today.


Let’s see how well it worked for me.


Aspire VX 15If you are considering a buy of the product, you might like to consider my personal review on the product. I have classified and rated this product on certain factors on the basis of their effective performance on those criteria.


The Top Things You Would Love About the Acer VX15 15


The Acer VX15 15 is definitely a month the best budget gaming laptops you will find today.


Let’s have a quick look at the things you would love about it.


  • Design: While it comes to looks the Acer Aspire VX 15 surely has that feisty gaming look that is at least edgy. Although not ultra-light and particularly suited to meet portability goals, you can at least move this 2.5vkg model across your home.


Verdict: The overall gaming looks are nice but it would have been nicer if it would have been a little lighter in weight.


  • Connectivity: While I say of ports and connectivity, this is a place where the Acer Aspire VX 15 has justified itself to a good extent. Covered with all the basic necessities you can find 2 USB 3.0 ports, an extra USB 2.0, a USB-C connector, an HDMI output port, RJ45 network port and a full-sized SD card slot. However, some of you may get a little disappointed to know that it does not aid in with a mini display port or optical drive.


Verdict: Although not high end, it does a fairly good job in aiding the basic connectivity of a laptop.


  • Keyboard and touchpad: Speaking of the keyboard and trackpad, this is probably one of the best features that I like about the model. It truly has justified the essence of gaming with red highlighted key tabs. Coming to their functionality, it has nothing very eye-catching to mention.


Acer Aspire VX 15 Gaming NotebookHowever, fairly has a simplistic functionality with no hindrance in between. I have achieved a good typing speed of 52 wpm on this keyboard. However, when it comes to the trackpad, you may find it not up to the mark or even at par with the keyboard. You may find many motions not working properly or even the basic hand gestures to be dysfunctional many times. Even the comfort level of the trackpad is also not up to the mark.


Verdict: Although you may enjoy the keyboard a lot, the touchpad is where you may find the device to be a lot negligent.


  • Display: Acer’s Aspire VX 15 may be pinpointed at its drawback only at this point. Maybe this is the reason why this laptop happens to be most affordable than any others.


With the help of TN panel, Acer has done everything but made sure that the display of the product has at least a standard color and contrast quality. While watching pictures, I have many times experienced distortions in the display with green and cyan colors. More importantly, they lacked the depth of the picture.


Verdict: It was a bad experience with the display. I cannot rely on this part of the machine.


  • Overall Performance: Although it is no ace when it comes to performance Acer’s Aspire VX 15 still renders a considerable quality of performance in major domains. Boosted with a quad-core HQ-series processor, I have been able to work easily while I have opened 14 windows concurrently. I did not find any lag at this point. The performance is among the best when it comes to a budget gaming laptop and you can surprisingly play most of the latest games including GTA V without any lag.

Acer Aspire VX 15

However, with the increase of the number of tabs to 19, I felt the performance was dropping. Plus it has got a fine dual fan cooling system that just works fine and supports most of your working aspirations


Verdict: Although nothing unique, but certainly the processor just works amply to suit most of your work and gaming aspirations. It’s good for gaming and sufficient for multi-tasking but if you’re looking for something mind-boggling, it isn’t the one. But then, it’s a budget laptop you’re looking at.


  • Battery life: Although any gaming laptop has a bad reputation of a very poorly performing battery life, this is not the exact case with Acer’s Aspire VX 15. I have tried playing an HD quality full-length movie of around 1080p on a loop twice and the results were very much satisfactory. It lasted me to whole complete hours of 6 and 25 minutes.


Verdict: If not the best, it is fairly a good performer when it comes to battery life.


The Final Verdict:

Although not high end it has fairly done a good job in supporting the basic gaming aspirations especially at the price that it is been offered to. If you look or a good budget gaming laptop, this is the one you are looking for.